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Pi Digits Short Sleeve Pocket Tee

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Made ethically in China. 100% cotton. About our factories.

  • Written out by hand by Princess Awesome co-founder Eva, the first 13,230 digits of Pi form the base of this colorful, fun print, just perfect for Pi Day! Have fun determining which section of pi is on the front, back or sleeves, and looking for fun numeric sequences - zip codes? Phone numbers? The one section that contains six 9s in a row?

    The shirt also features a fun "pocket" calculator with raised rubber numbers for the calculator's buttons. The calculator's viewscreen *almost* calculated Pi.  Also, we accidentally switched the 4 and 6 on the calculator. 

    Each shirt is sewn from pieces cut from a giant 72” by 34” rectangle of fabric that contains all 13,230 digits (so the digits are not continuous around the shirt and may have sections that repeat among the 4 pieces that comprise the garment). Read how we created the design with help from our awesome, math-loving customers!
    • 100% Colombian cotton
    • Repeating print of the first 13,230 digits of pi
    • Pocket "calculator" with raised digits on the calculator "buttons"