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Virgil's Aeneid "Dux Femina Facti" Necklace

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Made by Boutique Academia in Eugene, Oregon. About our factories.

  • "The leader of these deeds - a woman."

    Describing brilliant, brave, bold Dido, the queen of Carthage, Virgil succinctly sums up her leadership in founding and building the city with the phrase dux femina facti. For centuries it has been used as a motto by women leaders, especially when they fill roles traditionally held by men.

    The pendant is made from gold colored steel, and has the phrase engraved on one side. The lettering is subtle and the pendant can be worn either with the phrase facing outward or towards the heart. It uses an elegant, minimalist style that works well in both dressy and casual settings.

    • Engraved gold-colored steel pendant
    • 18" gold plated chain