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Solar System Busy Dress

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The Solar System Busy Dress is the newest addition to our Busy Dress Collection: the first ever "play-able" dress! The Solar System Busy Dress features all eight superbly illustrated planets carefully stitched onto soft, stretchy, sparkly fabric. The inner planets are above the "asteroid belt" and the outer planets are below with your awesome little "sunshine" girl as the center of this solar system. She'll watch the outer planets orbit perfectly around her as she twirls!

A comet with streaming tail adds shine to her shoulder. She can zoom the rocket ship and astronaut on the ends of the sashes through space, visiting the Voyager space probe, or even discovering where tiny Pluto is hiding. Deep side pockets allow for storage of extra rockets, acorns, pebbles, and other treasures. Comfortable, playful, twirly, well-crafted, and PLAY-ABLE, the Busy Dress is unlike any other dress your daughter owns.

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