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Sizing Information

Take a look at these awesome women wearing different sizes - this is the fit of the "Mako My Day" Sharks and the "Nutrient Nebula" Molecules:

And these women are wearing the "Austen-tatious" Jane Austen Tattoos (also the "Lazy Loading" Coding):

Note that all sizes are washed measurements. Out-of-package clothing will be larger.  The waistband is constructed with 1.5" tall elastic and will stretch up to 3" comfortably. Order up a size in sharks and molecules, especially if you are long-legged!

The Jane Austen and Coding styles are much longer and will shrink to the measurements in the table below. The Sharks and Molecules are shorter and will shrink to a clam-digger height!

Size Waist Circumference (inches) Inseam Approximate size
0-2 28 27 XS-S
4-6 30 27 S-M
8-10 32 28 M-L
12-14 34 29 L-XL
16-18 36 29 XL-2XL
20-22 38 29 2XL-3XL
24-26 41 30 3XL-4XL
28-30 44 30 4XL-5XL
32-34 47 30 5XL-6XL