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by Rebecca Melsky March 01, 2019 3 min read

Bright colors. Unicorns. Adorable animals. Sparkles. Rainbows. That’s not what you find in the boys’ section of most mainstream stores. Because gender stereotypes work both ways, and the things that have been deemed “for girls” do not appear on boys’ clothing anywhere. Which limits what all kids think boys can be and do.

Wait, are we really saying there are limits on boys?

Oh yes we are.

Have you visited the boys’ section in a mainstream retailer lately?

Yes, you’ll find plenty of dinosaurs, trucks, superheroes, and sports. You’ll also find A LOT of black, gray, navy blue, gray, brown, and, did we mention - gray? Maybe an accent of red or blue here and there or some neon orange on athletic apparel, but mainly just gray.

And you know what you don’t find anywhere in the boys’ section? Cats. Butterflies. Ice cream cones. Rainbows.

We’ve all heard girls and boys scream with glee at an ice cream party. We know girls and boys who love their cats. We know girls and boys who eagerly identify the monarch and imposter viceroy flying through their garden. We know girls and boys who gaze expectantly at the sky after a storm searching for a rainbow.

These are things all kids love. Why don’t they exist on boys’ clothing?

We think they should, so we’ve decided it’s time to make clothes for all those little boys who are not only strong and tough and sporty, but also sweet and cuddly and wonderful.

That’s why we’re launching Boy, Wonder with this crowdfunding campaign.

This Campaign

Our seven debut products represent the launch of Boy, Wonder as a brand. Each one has its own goal - the amount we need to raise to bring each specific product to market - and to launch an entire brand we need to fund in full more than just one or two products. We need at least 4 of the 7 products to fund to make Boy, Wonder a reality.

Our Boy, Wonder crowdfunding goal is to fully fund at least 4 out of the 7 debut products with a combined total goal of $20,000.

Less than that, we’ll refund all orders and Boy, Wonder will not come to life this year.

Fully-funded with 4 or more products, Boy, Wonder will move into factory production this spring and will bring wonderful clothes for your wonderful boys this October!

How will we use the funds?

The goal for each product is the amount needed to produce the minimum quantity with our ethically-certified factory in Hong Kong. This minimum quantity of product will fulfill orders from the crowdfunding campaign and stock our Boy, Wonder inventory for the brand’s ecommerce launch in October.


April, 2019 - Boy, Wonder Crowdfunding campaign
May, 2019 - Finalize all product specs and details
Early June, 2019 - Boy, Wonder production begins
September, 2019 - Any changes to crowdfunding orders to be submitted
October, 2019 - Crowdfunding orders ship. Boy, Wonder (boy-wonder.com) launches as as its own unique brand

Risks and Challenges

We have worked with our production partner in Hong Kong many times before for Princess Awesome. You can read about them here. They can handle the minimum quantity order for each item and increasing the size of our order significantly if the campaign brings in more than each products’ stated goal. We have already done the bulk of the product development that we can do for each product. We have our fulfillment center already up and running well with Princess Awesome and a plan in place with them to fulfill the crowdfunding orders in October. All of this is to say, we have mitigated a significant number of risks through our work with Princess Awesome. However, a fabric supplier to our factory could have an unexpected hold-up in the process, especially if we place a much larger order than anticipated. There is also always a risk when shipping containers at sea that something terrible could happen or significant delays at customs could slow things down.

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We wanted something that took a stand firmly that the company was a brand for boys, because our mission is to take topics that have been gendered by the world around us and return those topics to neutral by applying them to places where they have been absent - to boys’ clothing in this case.  
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We started Princess Awesome because we wanted all kids to see trucks, dinosaurs, math, science, trains, and more as just as much for girls as they are for boys. We did that by explicitly putting these topics on clothes usually worn by girls, and we show girls wearing them. The goal at Princess Awesome is not to make our clothes gender neutral, but to take topics that have been gendered by the world around us and return those topics to neutral by applying them to places where they have been absent in children’s clothing - namely girls’ clothing.

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We were not having any trouble coming up with ideas for Boy, Wonder. The problem was that, like their sisters, boys care very deeply about what is on their clothing - and also have strong preferences about the combination of things that they want to wear. Some boys want sparkles, but not pink. Some want pink but not sparkles. Some like trucks AND purple. Others only want purple, no trucks. Some boys will only wear a shirt with buttons, while others will-not-touch-with-a-ten-foot-pole a shirt with buttons or collars.