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"Game Changer" Chess Strategy Twirly Play Dress with Pockets

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Made in Chicago, Illinois. 100% cotton. About our factories.

Is Princess Awesome only for girls?

  • Gauge your opponent, and choose your chess opening - will it be a classic Queen's Gambit? Or maybe you will use the Ruy Lopez to create the Noah's Ark Trap? Perhaps you're feeling subtle and want to try out the Four Knights Game?

    Whatever you choose, no one will doubt your practical tactical brilliance. Black and white chess pieces accented with red dot a checkerboard background, marked up in handwritten red Sharpie strategy choices. Made of soft 100% cotton, with deep pockets for your pocket chess game - so you can play wherever and whenever you want!

    • Deep side pockets
    • 3/4 twirly skirt
    • Soft cotton bodice